‘Oooh It’s VERY Snowy Outside’

On Friday morning we finally woke up to snow.

I know some people say they hate it and I can see why given the disruption it causes in this country but I don’t know how anyone can wake up, look out of there window and not marvel at its beauty.

The way it makes everything white is truly stunning and because it so rarely happens in England, it makes it even more exciting.

I love the way it causes everything to stop, the roads become silent and all you can see when looking out of your window is families playing in it.

Don’t get me wrong, after a few days of it I wish it would all melt and go away. Especially once it starts freezing over and becomes difficult to walk on. Not to mention the slush and flooding but while it is fresh and white, I do love it.
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This was the first time Iyla got to experience playing in the snow too which made it even more special.

She just kept repeating ‘Ooooh it’s VERY snowy outside’ – she must have said it about a thousand times!

Yesterday we went out for another walk so she could find some to play in, the fields were all a bit flooded but we found a nice little patch around the corner from our house.

I Want To Be A Car Driver Went I Grow Up…

When I was little my dad used to design Formula One racing cars and we have a video of me aged 2 saying that I wanted to be a racing car driver when I was grown-up.

Luckily I never decided to follow this ambition, not that I would have got very far given that I can’t even park but the lovely thing about it was that I wanted to be like my dad because I obviously thought he was amazing.

Lately Iyla has been saying exactly the same things to me about wanting to be a car driver like Daddy and yesterday she told Dad2BabyInsomniac that she wanted a welder (albeit a pink one) so she could be like him.
Watching the two of them together and seeing what a special relationship they have makes me feel so unbelievably happy and today I managed to get a little film of her talking about her pink welder and how Daddy was a ‘fixer’ – she thinks he can fix ANYTHING!

I could spend ages writing about how lovely it is, especially in my hormonal state, but I will stop now and just let you watch the video.
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Oh one more thing before I do, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me in the MAD blog awards. I have been chosen as one of the five finalists in the pregnancy category, out of over 150 other pregnancy blogs. I can’t tell you how much this means to me and I had to actually check the list a fair few times to make sure it was really me on it! I’m not just saying it but I don’t even mind whether I win or not, I am just happy to have made it to this stage and am looking forward to joining lots of other bloggers for the awards night in September!

A Little Thank You!

In May of this year I will have been blogging for two years.

In that time there have been lots of highlights. I’ve made new friends, attended blogging conferences, learnt so much about social media and the blogging world, found a job that involves blogging, been inspired to write and be creative, relied on the support of the blogging community during difficult times such as when Dad2BabyInsomniac broke his leg or when Iyla wasn’t sleeping, made a little bit of extra cash, received some lovely items to review and found something that I genuinely LOVE doing.
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Blogging has become such a big part of who I am, it has given me an identity outside of being a mum, it is a little something for me and that is so important. I have put so much time and effort into my blog and it’s all just because I love writing about my little life. Every comment I receive and every time someone tells me they’ve enjoyed reading something I have written I feel so happy, it honestly is the best feeling and the reason I love blogging so much.

So you can imagine how unbelievably excited I was when I discovered my name on the MADS finalist list. I actually had to check the list five times to make sure it was really me. The MAD blog awards are the UK’s biggest blog awards and they received over 65,000 nominations this year so to have made it as one of the five finalists in my category is something that I am so happy about.

I was also really pleased to see lots of my favourite bloggers on the list. There is Katie and Becky (who I mention below), Lucy from Dear Beautiful who I also class as one of my friends after meeting quite a few times and whose blog is gorgeous, MammyWoo who is a brilliant writer, Heather from Little Tin Bird who has given me some very helpful tips in the comments she’s left me, Lucy from Capture By Lucy who I met last week at the Bristol Blog Summit, she is tall and gorgeous and her blog is awesome and But Why Mummy Why who I am really looking forward to meeting.

Something To Remember

As the end of my pregnancy approaches I’ve been starting to appreciate my bump a bit more because I know that I will miss it when it’s gone. Especially as I’m not sure whether or not we will be having any more children.

There is something so special about carrying a baby and although I haven’t enjoyed this pregnancy as much as I could have, there is no denying that my body has done something incredible.

I only have a couple of photos of me when I was pregnant with Iyla and I really regret not taking more so this time I have been taking photos fortnightly. I want to do as much as I can to remember how my body looked when pregnant.

There is also something else that can be done as a reminder and that’s belly casting, you can even then have your cast turned into a ceramic belly sculpture.

It is something which seems to divide opinions. Some people totally get it and others don’t ever want to look at a reminder of their pregnant body again. Dad2BabyInsomniac doesn’t get it, he actually compared it to him getting a cast made of his balls! I am however determined to change his mind and luckily I have been given the opportunity because this week I went to have a cast made of my bump. The first step in the process of having it made into a ceramic sculpture.

I had heard of belly casting before but apparently the casts don’t last for that long so having it turned into stoneware means that it will last forever, as long as it isn’t dropped. It also means you can keep it in the garden if you have no room in the house.

This is done by a lovely lady called Caroline Harris who is based in Glastonbury, Somerset. You can either go to her house to have the casting done or she will travel to you if you are based in the South-West.

As I only live a couple of miles away I went to her house, along with Iyla who was found it very amusing to watch!

Caroline made me feel very comfortable and we had a little chat about what kind of sculpture I would like. I wanted mine to just focus on the shape of my tummy, without any detail and I had a picture in my head of it being black with a glossy finish. She said that this would be possible and ran through a few different options.

There are all kinds of lovely things you can have added into the sculpture such as spirals and patterns, and there is also a choice of colour and the type of material it is made of, depending on where you will keep it.

Then the casting started. It didn’t actually take very long at all as the plaster dries really quickly so by the time Caroline had finished applying it, it was already starting to warm up and set. Within about 5 to 10 minutes it had started to fall away from my body.

The process was a bit messy but the plaster washed off really easily in the shower so it wasn’t a problem at all. You do have to wear old knickers though, not that this was a problem as nine months into your pregnancy you don’t tend to ever be wearing nice underwear!

Now my cast will go through a six stage procedure and when I get it back in around six weeks it will be a ceramic piece of art, how amazing is that?! I will be writing another post and sharing photos of the finished piece as soon as it is complete. Caroline also makes casts of new babies feet which I will write more about in the next post too.

If you live in the South-West and would be interested in having this done, or if you would like to know more about the process then you can read all about it here – www.earth-rising.co.uk

Disclaimer – I had the casting done, free of charge, for the purpose of this review but all of the opinions are, as always, my own.