‘Oooh It’s VERY Snowy Outside’

On Friday morning we finally woke up to snow.

I know some people say they hate it and I can see why given the disruption it causes in this country but I don’t know how anyone can wake up, look out of there window and not marvel at its beauty.

The way it makes everything white is truly stunning and because it so rarely happens in England, it makes it even more exciting.

I love the way it causes everything to stop, the roads become silent and all you can see when looking out of your window is families playing in it.

Don’t get me wrong, after a few days of it I wish it would all melt and go away. Especially once it starts freezing over and becomes difficult to walk on. Not to mention the slush and flooding but while it is fresh and white, I do love it.
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This was the first time Iyla got to experience playing in the snow too which made it even more special.

She just kept repeating ‘Ooooh it’s VERY snowy outside’ – she must have said it about a thousand times!

Yesterday we went out for another walk so she could find some to play in, the fields were all a bit flooded but we found a nice little patch around the corner from our house.